Hello Everyone ! 
Let me explain what I do and how I feel about it.
First off, my name’s Mike.  I’m a musician, and a screaming, barking madman in my devotion to old guitars.

Having had the good luck to own a few collector’s items over the years, I’ve had plenty of time to look into the secrets of how they get their inimitable finish and sound.  On tour and in recording sessions over a musical career of more than 25 years, I’ve rubbed shoulders with guitar and bass players of all sorts and styles, plenty of them married to vintage instruments.  Through this decade and a half I’ve been studying, comparing and analyzing to get to the heart and the soul of what makes a olds guitars

Any musician worth his day-rate dreams of owning the ultimate instrument, THE bass or THE guitar from the fifties or sixties.  Unfortunately, though, rare jewels of this sort are by now almost unfindable and ridiculously expensive.
To get around this problem, many players turn to “Relic” instruments, artificially aged to look and sound like authentic old Fenders that have done decades of service.  (I’ve been down that road myself.)

I created Relic’Art Guitares to answer this need.  Here’s what I’ve got and what I can do for you:
Creation of your own instrument from elements of your choice:  bridge, pickguard, mechanisms, pickups, color, etc.  A greater or lesser ageing, in consultation  with you to get just the right personalized sound and appearance – in short, the ideal guitar or bass, in its own unique style!
These models are for anyone who wants his or her own personally styled instrument at a reasonable price.  I have no pretense of being a craftsman who makes guitars from scratch.  But after so many years of tending to my own equipment and hanging with other musicians I have picked up the tricks of the trade and learned the secrets of truly beautiful instruments.  
Whether it’s for your main instrument or a backup bass or guitar that you can lug around without worrying about it being too old and delicate to travel; whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro; whether you want to put together a new instrument or just to give a patina of age to your present instrument 

I’m the guy who can do the job for you!
     ... Michaël Boudoux
Relic’Art Guitares
Michael Boudoux
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